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A worker-owned and operated full service creative agency in Portland, OR: Design, development, photography, and more!

Our Work

Pleuracanthus Records

Pleuracanthus Records

Portland-based Pleuracanthus Records is a new record label - by nerds, for nerds.

Their all-vinyl offerings are sure to appeal to some strange sensibilities, so we knew that we needed to do something a little different with their website. Our solution: Submerge the site underwater.

Inspired by their prehistoric shark logo, we allow users to plunge into an ancient world under the sea, in search of wild vinyl treasures! Our goal was to create an experience that is totally different from the usual record-shopping experience found on other websites, but with the simple functionality that is necessary for quick and easy purchases.

Logo production and corporate identity, art direction and professional photography were all supplied by Inspec Digital. Indeed, we can do it all.

The Portland Pour

The Portland Pour

We're as passionate about the spirits and distilleries of Portland as we are about a skillfully crafted cocktail. The Portland Pour is a celebration of Portland, the Northwest, and the wonderful products made here. We use local ingredients wherever possible, craft them into delicious drinks, and photograph them at our studio in Downtown Portland. We then share them with you, along with our thoughts and recommendations for creating your own version of our favorite drinks, both classic and modern.

All the photos you see on The Portland Pour were made at Mouse and Moon Creations, our studio in downtown Portland.

Cascadia Collective

Cascadia Collective Hood and Duct

If there's one thing we love to do at Inspec Digital, it's to help new Portland-based companies make an impact. Cascadia Collective are a perfect client for us: A small, worker owned and operated business in Portland... just like us!

We helped this worker collective with branding and a fancy Wordpress website that makes them stand out amongst their local competition in the hood and duct cleaning industry.

About Inspec


Tony M. started building websites in a one bedroom college apartment while attending Boise State University sometime in the 1990s. After college, he moved to Portland and began a successful web development career while still making and publishing art.

Rick V. is a designer and illustrator, DJ, amateur sasquatch hunter, and pro wrestling enthusiast. When it comes to design, he's done it all, and he uses these visual design skills to create successful communications. A well-rounded and hard-working force on any project.


Inspec Digital is a full-service design and development shop in Portland, Oregon. We are a truly egalitarian business run by a creative team of worker-owners, each with a variety of strengths and experiences. Inspec Digital offers:

  • Web design and development
  • Professional photography
  • Full range of graphic design for web and print
  • Illustration
  • And more!

Whatever your situation, we provide quality services and solutions at affordable rates. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you tell your story.


Modern, effective websites and a full range of creative services can be expensive - but we want to change that. At Inspec Digital, we use our skills and experience to bring you affordable, quality design and development and a conveniently-located photography studio in Downtown Portland.

It doesn't matter if you have unlimited resources, or are on a tight budget, and it doesn't matter if you are a business of any size, or a charity, or an individual. Inspec Digital is committed to providing the very best services within any budget.